Training for companies

Acof boasts a long experience jn consulting for the management of the company traninig plans, in all the main product markets and with a recognized expertise for the development of the main areas of expertise in the modern organisations.

Acof can also offers further services in management for educational loans, through the use of the main channel availables nowadays

• Inter- branch capitals
• Educational systems promoted by POR-FSE (the Regional Operative Programme co finincing by the European Social Fund)

It is credited by Regione Lombardia for the Continuos Education in Medicine (Ecm), the long experience regarding the socio medical sector and the accreditation of ECM sistem allow Acof to be a reliable partner able to guarantee high quality and recognised standards.

Furthermore, Acof is credited to FormaTemp fund, earmarked to the professional training of temporary workers.

In addition to the collaboration with public bodies, companies and Universities, is relevant to point out those with the trade unions: among them the Confesercenti of Varese that, alongside Acof, in 2007 has founded the Farmacon, Training School for the Company in commercial, tourism and service sectors, present in Varese and Como.

It exists a well-establish relation with the Regional Confesercenti too that allows people to participate to the working tables as recognised representatives

Training for teachers

Acof, credited by the Ministry of Education as the body who offers training for teachers, proposes different project and educational paths for teachers, to provide them methodological tools both in education and pedagogical plans.




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