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For more than half a century at the service of education for young and adults

ACOF Olga Fiorini – ONLUS Social Cooperative, non-profit training body, was born in 1997 as the evolution of the “Olga Fiorini” Modern School for Manufacturing and Craftsmanship that today has became an independet school, whose origins date back to 1956.

It is an educational entity strictly connected with the territory of Busto Arsizio and its surroundings, that, in the Fifties, this area saw a considerable expansion in textile and clothing Industry. In this context Mrs. Esterina Olga Fiorini, that leads the Association even now, has privately started the educational activity with qualified specialists in clothing industry.

Regional courses have been developed into the “Istituto Professionale Sartoriale”, legally recognised in 1989 and in the following years, it has became independent school for “Specialists in Clothing and Fashion”.

The need to meet specific demands in order to create a professional profile more and more required by the territory has lead to implement, from 1995, the course of “Specialist in advertising graphics”.
The educational programme of “Olga Fiorini” Institutes has been expanded in the academic year 2004/2005 with the creation of the “Marco Pantani” high school of Communication, organised with two alternatives in Sport and Performing Arts: an educational path that ends with the achievement of the scientific high school diploma.

In the last few decades “Olga Fiorini” Institutes has achieved the recognitions as independent Schools by activating the “Istituti Tecnici Sistema Moda”, articulatd in textile, clothing and fashion fields and Communication Graphics, the “Liceo delle Scienze Umane” option socio economical, the “Liceo Scientifico” for sport, the “Liceo Artistico” for fashion design and the “Liceo Internazionale for Innovation”.

The lower secondary education isn’t the unique educational sector where Acof works for, in fact in 2003 it has implemented in the territory of Busto Arsizio the “English Primary School”, independent primary school. In the academic year 2012/2013 it has been recognised the “English Primary School”, independent primary school. In 2017, the path for independent english schools is enhanced with the opening of the “Clil English Middle School”, the middle school and it is implemented the “Unified English Schools” comprehensive institute, the bilingual educational path has been enriched with the recognition of the Olga Fiorini “Liceo internazionale per l’Innovazione”.

ACOF Olga Fiorini – ONLUS Social Cooperative has experienced a significant improvement of its educational programmes, with the management of the “Maria Montessori” Independent Comprehensive Institute of Castellanza, that includes the nursery school, the House of children (kindergarten), the primary school and the lower secondary school.
Moreover, Acof manages the Professional Training Center of Busto Arsizio, that allows people to earn the title of Specialist in Wellness-Beaty; Specialist in Grafichs-Audio Video; Specialist in clothing-dress maker.
Other professional courses managed by C.F.P ACOF furthermore are located in Milan, where it’s possible to earn the title of Specialist in clothing-dressmaker and in Bergamo, as Specialist in Wellness-Hair stylist
Beyond the field of education, moreover Acof is active for the professional education addressed to employed and unemployed people, in collaboration with companies, universities and trade unions, with a constant and close relationship with the educational needs and in harmony with the spirit of the Body, as well as one of its strong points, since origins.
ACOF OLGA FIORINI is registered as Social Cooperative with n° A233465 and it is title holder of the quality certification ISO 9001. For “Progettazione ed erogazione di formazione professionale e orientamento“.


The mission of ACOF can be sum up as the will to spread and increase the knowledge. The development of this goal is extended to all the age brackets and social and professional categories.
The Association intends to promote learning and educational growth since childhood, of teenegers and young people; it intends to develop professional knowledges of young people and adults to support the integration or re-integration in the job market.
The Body is very interested to vulnerable sectors of the society (from a social, economic and healthcare point of view) to strenghten knowledges and foster admission and integration.
Our aim is to emphasise refresher and specialisation trainings for employed people because the growth of competences and knowledges are fundamental tool for the career path of each person.


The quality of the wide choice of training programmes provided by Acof is proven by recognitions obtained throughout the history of this educational Institution:



courses for specialists in textile and clothing industry are recognised by the “Consorzio provinciale per l’istruzione tecnica”


courses are recognised by Regione Lombardia (art. 27 rl 95/80)


it is established the “Istituto Professionale Sartoriale”


The Department for Education & Skills with M.D. of 18/04/1989 is legally recognized the “Olga Fiorini“ Istituto Professionale Abbigliamento e Moda as lower secondary school


The “Olga Fiorini“ Istituto Professionale settore servizi indirizzo Pubblicità is legally recognized by the Department for Education & Skills (Md 20(03/1995)


Acof is recognized by Regione Lombardia as a legal entity (Moral Entity) (Rcc n° 29460 of 04.07.1997): recognition then confirmed by the Department for Education & Skills in 1999 (M.D. of 2/2/99 O.J. 2/3/99)


It is recognised the educational equality to the Olga Fiorini “Istituto Professionale Industria Artigianato e Servizi”


Acof obtains the qualification (Md of 27/4/2001) by the Derpartment for Education & Skills as an “Entity that offers training to the teaching staff” (M.D. 177/2000, art. 2 -c.4)


The Body is credited by the Ministry of Health (n. 7588) as a provider of continuing Education in Medicine (Ecm)



it is recognised to the “English School” english kindergarten the status of independent school by the Department for Education & Skills (M.D. 607 of 07/11/2003)


Acof is credited by Regione Lombardia for continuing Education in medicine


The Ministry of Education, University and Research recognises the “Scuola di specializzazione in psicoterapia integrata e di comunità”, a five-year post-graduate educational course founded by Acof in the same year (Md 15/07/2008)


The “Opera Nazionale Montessori” entrusts to Acof the management of specialised educational courses based on Montessori Doctrine for the section of Nursery school, House of children (kindergarten) and Primary School. The Ministry of Education, University and Research recognises with M.D. 621 of 27/06/2008 and then M.D. 483 of 28/06/2010 the Maria Montessori INDEPENDENT COMPREHENSIVE INSTITUTE with the establishment of the lower secondary school too.


The Ministry of Education, University and Research recognizes the status as high school to:

• Istituto Tecnico Sistema Moda, articolazione Tessile Abbigliamento e Moda “Olga Fiorini”
• Istituto Tecnico Grafica e Comunicazione “Olga Fiorini”
• Liceo delle Scienze Umane opzione economico sociale “Olga Fiorini”



It obtain in concession the “V. Bachelet” Public Nursery school of Magnago


it is recognised the educational equality to the “English Primary school” primary school (M.D. 285 del 28/06/2012)


it is recognised the educational equality to the four years project of methodological-didactic Innovation “Liceo Internazionale per l’Innovazione Olga Fiorini” (M.D. 697 del 08/08/2013)


it is recognised the educational equality to the “Liceo Scientifico sezione ad indirizzo sportivo Marco Pantani” (M.D. 1052 del 12/06/2014)


it is recognised the educational equality to the “Liceo Artistico indirizzo Design della Moda Olga Fiorini” (M.D. 644 del 23/06/2016)


it is recognised the educational equality to the middle school “CLIL English Middle School “(M.D. 2767 del 23/06/2017)


the authozation by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, after the development of the “Piano Nazionale di Innovazione orientamentale del Liceo Scientifico con potenziamento linguistico quadriennale” Olga Fiorini (M.S. 1568 of the 28/12/2017)

ACOF OLGA FIORINI is registered as Social Cooperative with n° A233465 and it is holder of the title for quality, the ISO 9001 certification for “Progettazione ed erogazione di formazione professionale e orientamento“.