Nursery school

The nursery school is a social and educational service that hosts children from 6 to 36 months, that aims to integrate the activity of the family, in order to foster a balance physic and psychological development.

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English schools

The “Unified English Schools” comprehensive school, offers a bilingual educational path based on international models from 3 to 18 years old: “English School” kindergarten, “English Primary School” primary school, “CLIL English Middle School” lower secondary school and “Liceo Internazionale per l’Innovazione Olga Fiorini” high school, focused on Innovation.

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“Maria Montessori” Independent comprehensive school

The “Maria Montessori” Independent Comprehensive School of Castellanza is committed to spread the thought and Montessori Doctrine from 6 months to 14 years old: kindergarten, primary school and high school.

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“Olga Fiorini - Marco Pantani” independent high schools

The Independent High Schools boast many innovative and diversified programmes of five and four-years as part of the grammar school, technical school and modern school to earn the Diploma.

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Acof professional education (IeFP) and post diploma education

ACOF, credited at Regione Lombardia for Education, organises many educational courses addressed to teenagers after the middle school and for young people which have already finished their educational paths and the Tertiary Education.

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Acof Companies

ACOF supports the development of organisation and experts through means of education and consulting.

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Acof job and education for adults

The Body for education Credited at Regione Lombardia to supply educational Services and employment Services, covers a wide area of mentoring and educational activities for different types of addressees.

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Spic Acof

The Graduate School of Psychotherapy and SPIC-ACOF Community, approved by MIUR, qualifies to the practice of the psychotherapeutic activity.

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It’s more and more common hearing about the need to earn a certification in English both for education and professional reasons.
It is relevant on the CV of those who wish to study or work abroad and it’s an essential skill for those who aspire to have better job opportunities.

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