Linguistic certifications

It’s more and more common hearing about the need to earn a certification in English both for education and professional reasons.
It is relevant on the CV of those who wish to study or work abroad and it’s an essential skill for those who aspire to have better job opportunities, because it officially guarantees the achievement of an excellent linguistic level.

The linguistic certification is a formal certificate, with international validity, that attests the knowledge of a language, emitted by a recognized Body and for this reason it’s the means of identification and official recognition of the personal know-how in a modern foreign language, because it establishes what a person “can do with that language”

The linguistic certification enriches your curriculum; it simplifies the insertion into the world of work, thanks to its additional value in the European context, it is recognized around European Union; it is useful for companies that work abroad because they are interested in recruiting employees able to work with foreign languages.

At University too, it’s important to have a certification for those who want to continue their study abroad; especially for the registration at European Universities where it is necessary to have a specific level of linguistic skills. In Italy, it’s now more common at University and Post-University schools, to require linguistic certifications that attest the knowledge of the students in foreign languages.

Foreign languages

Cambridge Esol certifications are a fundamental step in the educational path for more than one million European and Extra-European students in 130 countries in the world, every year.
The “Olga Fiorini – Marco Pantani” high schools offer to students the opportunity to organise and take an exam to earn this certifications that is equivalent to gradual levels of linguistic mastery: K.E.T. – Key English Test – P.E.T. – Preliminary English Test – F.C.E. – First Certificate English
From 2014 ACOF Olga Fiorini, has became a Test Center.
Regarding the Liceo Internazionale per l’Innovazione, linguistic certifications are fully integrated into the path and the preparation that occurs during school hours.

Kids & Teens


We offer courses that work on all the linguistic skills and we implement the basis for a real communication with foreign languages and the ability to speak in english with complete senteces, as the first attempt of a clear conversation.


They are addressed to teenegers of the key stage 3 and key stage 4 secondary schools, the 5 levels are calibrated according to “Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo”. By following the educational paths of the British Schools, each level improves the linguistic competence for skills as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Educational programme KIDS & TEENS:

• Individual courses
• Private lessons
• Story Telling
• Conversation



Via Biancardi, 1/bis – Busto Arsizio (VA)

Tel: 0331/ 677777 int. 1


We organise courses from A1 to C2 level.
Our strength are the courses one to one, organised ad hoc for the need of each student: based on the premise that a language should be experienced, spoken and heard, the lession is interactive and combines the traditional education with personal and specific paths that vary from our every day use, to those professionals in every sector, from business, to preparation for compulsory certifications required by Universities.
We provide a path addressed to the world of companties too. We can formulate ad hoc programmes in collaboration with business advisors, starting from a careful analysis of the linguistic skills and even more the linguistic need of the client.
In this way, we design a path based on the specific needs of each company, by using above all sector materials (glossaries, reports, presentations etc.) and the people which participate to the courses are involved in real company situations.

Educational programme for Adults:

• Individual and collective courses
• Conversation
• Business
• Technical english
• Company courses



Via A. Costa, 29 – Busto Arsizio (VA)

Tel: 0331/333955

IT Certifications

IT competences allow students to qualify and add value to your CV, simplifying the insertion into the world of work.
The certification system gives to everyone the possibility to reflect on your IT competences and, especially, allows people to boast it in its curriculum, in order to be evaluated by the employers as an important means for the recruitment of a new employee instead of another one.

It’s undeniable to think about the relevance to have a detailed and articulated preparation offers by Certifications, through an educational path with qualified teachers that boast a wide hands-on experience.


IT joins the School with an interdisciplinary and across-the-board way: it joins Institutions because today young people are “digital natives”, they are born and grown with a wide choice in technology. The Society is in a period of change and the School cannot fall behind because the change has introduced new technologies in education too: change both learning and teaching method is a natural result to preparate “the adults of the future”.
Since the academic year 2013/2013 they have been activated preparation paths to support EIPASS exam with 7 moduls, recognised at European level and by Universities to confer the credit equivalent- Exams happen at the headquarter of ACOF Olga Fiorini as Test Center.
For the “Liceo Internazionale per l’innovazione”, IT certification are fully integrated into the preparation path during school hours.